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sacrifice - a loss entailed by providing up or promoting anything at lower than its benefit; "he had to sell his motor vehicle at a considerable sacrifice"

In Time 9, Clark started to don a black carhartt jacket by using a black t-shirt underneath, black jeans and black boots to mirror his Kandorian Blur costume. This outfits is reminiscent on the crimson jacket and blue t-shirt.

2. anything and that is dropped. It absolutely was only after he was dead that we understood what a loss he was. verlies خَسارَه загуба perda ztráta der Verlust tab απώλειαpérdida kaotus نبود؛ فقدان menetys perte אֲבֵידָה हानि gubitak veszteség kehilangan missir perdita 損失 손실 netektis zaudējums kehilangan verliestap zguba, strata كمښت،لږ والى perda pierdere утрата strata izguba gubitak förlust ความสูญเสีย kayıp 損失 втрата کوئی گنوائی ہوئی شے یا شخص mất mát 损失

Don't mention that something 'stops any individual to complete' anything. You should not say, by way of example 'How do you stop a faucet to drip?'

breech nearer, breechblock - a steel block in breech-loading firearms that is definitely withdrawn to insert a cartridge and changed to close the breech before firing

(= stop) → aufhören mit; to stop accomplishing a thing → aufhören, etw zu tun, etw nicht mehr tun; she never ever stops talking → sie redet ununterbrochen or in einer Tour (inf); to stop smoking cigarettes → mit dem Rauchen aufhören; (briefly) → das Rauchen einstellen; I’m trying to stop using tobacco → ich versuche, das Rauchen aufzugeben or nicht mehr zu rauchen; stop declaring that → nun sag das doch nicht immer; stop it! → lass das!, hör auf!; I just can’t stop it → ich kann es nicht lassen

discontinue - come to or be at an finish; "the guidance from our sponsoring company will discontinue immediately after March 31"

A result of his great appears to be (and in some cases entirely as a consequence of them), Clark is frequently the thing of sexual desire for almost all of the Females he comes in sites connection with.[one] Even Girls who are admittedly in enjoy with Clark happen to be known to physically objectify him.

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squandered, possessing no effect, on. The joke was missing on her. het daar niks aan nie مُضَيَّع، ضائِع، ليس له تأثير изхабен desperdiçado bez účinku na keinen Eindruck machen auf spilde που έχει πάει στράφι, χαραμισμένος no tener efecto mõjutu بی اثر بودن mennä hukkaan sans effet sur לְהִתבַּזבֵּז על- izgubljen, neučinkovit nem értette meg tanpa pengaruh fara fyrir ofan garð og neðan sprecato con, (senza effetto su) 효과가 없다 neveikiantis ko pazaudēts; bez ietekmes tiada kesan niet besteed aan bortkastet zmarnowany اثر نه لرل desperdiçado fără efect asupra пропасть даром nepôsobiť, neúčinkovať na iti mimo protraćen bortkastad เสียเปล่า boşa gitmiş 沒有作用,沒有影響 такий, що залишився без уваги بے نتیجہ رہنا không có tác Read Full Article dụng 对...不起作用

He broke two plates before I could stop him → Il a cassé deux assiettes avant que j'aie pu l'en empêcher.

glottal capture, glottal plosive, glottal stop - a stop consonant articulated by releasing force with the glottis; as while in the sudden onset of a vowel

We raced off towards Squaw Creek and did not stop until finally the bottom alone stopped-- fell away before us so abruptly you can find out more that the following action would've been out in to the tree-tops.

References in common literature ? It seemed a small loss to Some others, but to Jo it absolutely was a dreadful calamity, and she felt that it never ever can be produced approximately her.

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