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act, play, depict - Perform a task or part; "Gielgud played Hamlet"; "She would like to act Lady Macbeth, but she is too youthful to the part"; "She performed the servant to her partner's learn"

next, endorse, indorse, back - give support or just one's approval to; "I will next that movement"; "I can not again this strategy"; "endorse a completely new undertaking"

give - transfer possession of a thing concrete or abstract to anyone; "I gave her my money"; "is it possible to give me classes?"; "She gave the kids heaps of affection and tender loving care"

You wash with it, you brush with it, you toast it, it’s in fifty% of what you acquire – but what’s the true Tale of palm oil? Make use of the interactive under to trace the journey of palm oil through the rainforest by on your kitchen area cabinet

The suite is structured specially to meet modifying storage demands. It truly is perfect for organizations just beginning with computer software-outlined storage and those with established infrastructures who must grow their capabilities.

support - the monetary suggests whereby a person lives; "Just about every little one was predicted to pay for his or her retain"; "he applied to the state for support"; "he useful reference could now not make his very own livelihood"

Quickly collaborate by sharing data files with the e-mail handle or with folks within your community, regulate access, viewing, and enhancing to make sure the right level of collaboration in a very protection-prosperous cloud ecosystem. Usually have the proper Variation of the file throughout your desktop and cellular equipment.

yoke - support consisting of a picket body through the shoulders that permits somebody to carry buckets hanging from Every stop

support - be a daily customer or shopper of; "We patronize this keep"; "Our sponsor saved our art studio likely for so long as he my site could"

Do you reside in the metropolis and possess a favorite skatepark, rooftop back garden, or out of doors gym? Share your photos with us via GuardianWitness

support - the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening; "he leaned from the wall for support"

Kickstarter Bonuses was designed as being a crowdfunding Resource, but its most favored jobs are increasingly becoming co-opted by tech giants like Apple and Samsung

tailstock - support consisting on the movable Component of a lathe that slides together the mattress in alignment While using the headstock and is locked into place to support the free end of the workpiece

To help make the Elite x2 extremely skinny with no compromising toughness and battery ability, we made use of a complicated precision production course of action known as CNC (Computer Numerical Handle) to carve the tablet from just one piece of aluminum.

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